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RA Schools Show
Royal Academy, 2015



A suite of three looped videos titled ‘We are a city! I, II & III’ depict basic cardboard model houses, based on self builds from the global south, wavy with the heat of a glaring sun. They create a new temperature for the room which is echoed by the intense hues of the paintings, sculptural tableaux and arched plaster cast shading a strip of pale skin on  a mat beneath it. 


Recurring motifs, including architectural arches and pictorially schematised plants, move across media as if in translation. This linguistic element is picked up by two publications displayed within ‘Vitrine (womb)’ that narrate fragments from the life of the fictitious character ‘Macy Dott’. They centre female narrative as an approach to the other works and link the female body, as producer and subject, to architecture.

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