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Radio Broadcast on Artlicks Weekend Radio

17 – 20 October 2019

The show brings together conversations that took place during a residency at Outpost in spring 2019, when Maria de Lima and Nicole Morris invited 6 artists to individually dine with them over a skype connection.


Artist Credits:

Nicole Morris https://nicolemorris.co.uk

Rae Yen Song https://rae-yen-song.com

Hana Janeckova http://hotelo.zone; http://display.cz/en

Holly Graham https://www.hollygraham.co.uk

Maria Farrar https://www.mariafarrar.co.uk

Hannah Leighton Boyce https://www.hannahleightonboyce.com

Sofie Alsbo https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/art-artists/name/sofie-alsbo

Maria de Lima