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An exit soft to the touch
ANDOR gallery, 2016


Tom Carter

An exit soft to the touch’ is a looped, hand drawn animation presented as part of a larger installation consisting of altered lighting, sculptural objects, and paintings. The animation depicts an act of defecation, portraying the body as a site of creative potential as well as protest. 


The sculptures present buildings as organic, growing structures; buds fertilised by excrement and the subconscious recesses of the human mind. Tapping into the metaphorical and literal readings of faeces - scat, shit, poo - as creative release and fertile soil, a large painting depicts the artist alongside a sprouting plant which doubles into a pictorial shelter.


The gallery’s lighting is altered by an orange tarpaulin covering the skylight, producing a warm tone in the space that shifts in intensity depending on the sunlight. Everything is buried under a lambent glow and left to slowly germinate.

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